Monday, October 21, 2013

State Meet Info

Meet Location:
Sugarhouse Park 1300 S 2100 S SLC

Parking Information:
Sugarhouse Park is a bit of a madhouse for the state meet. Parking is available in most lots in the park as well as on the side of the road.  However, due to the large numbers of spectators that will be there, parking places can be difficult to find, so make sure your give yourself plenty of time before the start of the races.  It may be faster to park in the shopping center across the street.

Races will be run consecutively in the following order. Times listed are approximate:

1A Girls...11:00 am             4A Girls...1:30 pm
2A Girls...11:30 am             5A Girls...2:00 pm
1A Boys...12:00 noon         3A Boys...2:30 pm
2A Boys...12:30 pm            4A Boys...3:00 pm
3A Girls...1:00 pm               5A Boys...3:30 pm

Races will start approximately every half hour. Races will not start prior to the listed times. Start times may be delayed by weather or meet conditions. Runners should check in well in advance of the listed start times. When a race is partially through the course, an announcement will be made at the starting line for teams in the next race to assemble.

Course Information:
The course is similar to the course we ran at the Highland Invitational.  The two courses differ starting at about the two mile mark, so check out this course map.

Kyle Perry on Utah Milesplit has a very nice course preview that goes through many sections of the course and echoes a lot of the strategy you hear from your coaches.

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