Monday, March 30, 2020

Distance workouts for the week of March 30

The XC mileage shirts are in.  I will be bagging them up with your names so you can pick them up later.  Some of you came in Friday. But, with the new guidelines in place for the county, the school district will be closing all school building until further notice.  Continue to get your work in while observing the new protocols.

Monday - long run, try to get some hill work in
30 minutes of recovery pace
Do strength work and resistance bands

Tuesday - easy run with few hills
30 minutes of recovery pace
Do core work

Wednesday - long run, try to get some hill work in
30 minutes of recovery pace
Do strength work and resistance bands

Thursday - tempo run
30 minutes of recovery pace
Do core work

Friday - easy run with few hills
30 minutes of recovery pace

Saturday - 70 - 75 minute run

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

high jump drills

These two high jump drills both utilize 
hurdles and can be done of soft surfaces 
thus reducing training stress on your jumpers.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Sprint/Hurdles workouts for the week of 3/23

Remember you can adapt these to workouts to your situation.  Hurdlers, for the duration of distance learning, if you have a place at your home you can take a couple hurdles home to keep practicing hurdling technique.  They will need to come back at the end so we have enough for practice.  Look for occasional drills videos as well.

@  19-20B/21-23G
6-8 min rec

1 min rec
3-5mins between sets

starts-400/hurdles 100

6x100m striders
walk back rec
starts-100/200/400/ hurdles 300
Long jumpers 
mark checks, 6 popups, 3 jumps

walk straights and sprint the turns
starts-200/hurdles 100
Long jumpers
mark check, 4 popups

@ 19-21B/22-24G
starts-100/hurdles 300

800m jog

4 Laps flying zones
starts-200/hurdles 300

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Distance Workouts for the week of March 23

This week is an opportunity to build up base. So doubles are a good idea.  If you were just getting started don't do the second runs just yet. Your two runs should be in the morning and the afternoon in whichever order makes the most sense for you.  Make sure you are safe on your runs. The distances are for the varsity boys, so cut down to the appropriate mileage level for you.

Make sure you are getting adequately warmed up especially before hard efforts.  Take care of your legs with stretching and rolling. 

Monday 30 minute recovery run
8 mile run with hills hard effort
do strength including bands

Tuesday 30 minute recovery run
6 mile easy effort turn

Wednesday 0 minute recovery run
8 mile run  hard effort
do strength including bands

Thursday 30 minute recovery run
tempo run

Friday 30 minute recovery run
6 mile easy effort run

Saturday 70 minute run

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hurdle Drills

Husky Hurdlers, I hope you're finding time to work hurdles into your workouts.  Here's a useful extension of the lead leg over the hurdle and against the wall drill we do sometimes.  Try it!

You've seen most of these drills before.  (The white tape on the line between lanes 3 and 4 (?) are 10 meters--"ten steps"--apart.)  There are also some new ones you should try.  A couple of notes:
  1.  Don't EVER go lead or trail leg over a hurdle in the wrong direction.  Sheesh, that's a good way to hurt yourself, even in a drill.  (What they call "Crazy Legs" doesn't matter because you're not traveling perpendicular to the hurdle.)
  2.   Notice how almost all of these O'Neill hurdlers keep their shoulders really square to the hurdle and how they work on their arms all the time, no matter what they're doing.  Both of these things help all of them to be better hurdlers.
  3.   Really try to 3-step when you're working on rhythm drills (hurdles 10 meters apart).

Sunday, March 15, 2020

3/16 - 3/21 workout schedules for all event groups

We will be posting workout schedules for you to try to keep up with while we are out of school.  Keep working out so that we will be ready when meets are allowed to resume.  The coaches will not be able to run practices and groups need to stay small so do the best you can.  If you can't make it to the track, do something as close to the workout as you can in your own neighborhood.  Stay safe above all else.

Sprinter/Hurdle workouts

3 Min rec between sets
4x100m  14-15B  15-17G
Mark checks/starts/hurdles

Full Rec 3-5Mins

Repeat Monday's workout

600m @ 1:40B/2:30G
400m @ 1:30B/1:40G
300m @ 1:12B/1:14G
200m @ 32B/39G
100m @ 15B/18G
starts/hurdles/mark checks and popups for jumpers


Jog a mile at a good pace.

Distance workouts These workouts are a guide for they type of work you need to get done.  You don't have to do this exact run, do something similar. We have been doing our 30 minute recovery runs in the mornings and workouts in the afternoon, but if you need to switch that up, no problem.  

30 minute recovery run
Turbo run - body weight exercises for strength

30 minute recovery run
TRAX - core exercises

30 minute recovery run
Suck It Cup Buttercup -  body weight exercises for strength

30 minute recovery run
tempo run - core exercises

30 minute recovery run
tennis courts

70 minute run

Do strength work, do discus, shot, and javelin footwork drills

Thursday, March 12, 2020

3/11 Meet Results

Meet results are up at  Thanks to those that helped out with the meet to make it run smoothly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Meet today

The meet will start at 3:30. 

The order of events is:

4 X 800m Relay
100/110m Hurdles
100m Dash
4 x 200m Relay
1600m Run
4 X 100m Relay
400m Dash
300m Hurdles
800m Run
200m Dash
3200m Run
4 X 400m Relay

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Team Store

Just a reminder that the team store will close on Monday.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Spike Night

Our spike night at Wasatch Running Center will be Tuesday March 3rd.  Wasatch Running Center is in the shopping center at 90th & State.  It is directly behind the Starbucks on 90th.,-111.8925255,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa296bf92ae72d1fe!8m2!3d40.5889211!4d-111.8925255

This is a good way to talk to their staff about what kind of shoes will meet your needs.  They have all kinds of specialty shoes for all the different events in track & field.  They will also have basic trainers for practice.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

2020 Hillcrest Track Fundraiser

We are trying a new approach for our fundraiser this year. Instead of selling merchandise and getting a small return, we our going to try a donation campaign.  We will have additional details once practice starts, but it will run through success fund. The campaign dates will be Feb. 24th - April 24th.  I'm hoping we can beat our total form popcorn sales from two years ago.


2020 Hillcrest Track & Field Team Store

We will have a number of optional and booster items on our team store this year.  It will be open until the last week of February.


Shop the Track & Field 2020 Store!

   Hurry, shops closes 02/25/2020.

Simplot Games Info & Schedule

Athlete Check-In: The Running Event check-in tables are located at the southwest end of the Arena Floor. Girls are to check in at one table and boys at the other. Field Event participants will check in at the field event location.
Athletes and coaches must listen to the Announcer for calls. All athletes participating in the running events must check in at the Clerk’s tables. After checking in, the athlete must go to the marshaling area. Once an athlete checks in and enters the marshaling area, they must stay there until escorted to the starting area. No athletes will be allowed to enter the marshaling area after the clerks have checked through the heats (3rd call). If athletes are late to check-in, they will be disqualified even if the race has not been run yet.
First call will be approximately 20 minutes before the event. Second call at 15 minutes before the event. Last call is 10 minutes before the event. If an athlete is not checked in by the last call, they will automatically be scratched.
Athlete Warm-Up: Athletes may warm up in designated areas only. An athlete warming up inside of the flagged-off area or in the hallways may be disqualified.
Arena Practice Times: Arrangements have been made for the Simplot Games participants to practice at the Holt Arena on Wednesday 6-8:30 p.m., Thursday 2:00-4:00 p.m., Friday 7-8:15 a.m. and Saturday 7-7:45 a.m. Simplot Games volunteers will be setting up for the meet and there will be some ISU athletes working out at this time. All Simplot Games athletes should conduct themselves in a proper manner and show consideration to the ISU athletes who will also be using the facilities.
Footwear: Because of the wood track and large number of athletes, spiked shoes will not be allowed in the preliminary races on Thursday and Friday. Spiked shoes ARE allowed in the Thursday preliminaries in the Boys and Girls 60m Hurdles for safety concerns.  Spiked shoes are allowed for all Saturday event finals. Only 3/16″ needle spikes will be allowed and are available for purchase at the Simplot Games Store in the northeast corner of Holt Arena. In the jumping events, spikes of ¼” are allowed for both preliminaries and finals. Athletes footwear will be checked prior to each event.
For Friday’s preliminary races, athletes will need a flat, rubber-soled shoe. Removing the spikes from a spiked shoe and leaving just the plastic plate is not acceptable and very dangerous as the shoes slip on the wooden track.
Idaho State University: Simplot Games participants are guests of Idaho State University and should be courteous and respectful of college students who are in class. ISU has generously opened many of their recreational facilities at Reed Gym and the Pond Student Union Building to Simplot Games participants who wear the current Simplot Games T-shirt. Participants may use the bowling, billiards and other facilities (except for the climbing wall) at the ISU student rate. If under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult (coach or adult accompanying team).
Locker Rooms: Male athletes will dress and shower in locker rooms on the southeast side of Holt Arena. Female athletes will use the northeast locker rooms. Towels will not be provided. Please supply your own. Simplot Games cannot be responsible for any items left in the locker room during the meet or left in the bleachers throughout the meet. Each team is responsible for providing their own locks to protect possessions.
Lost and Found: During the meet, all Lost and Found items will be turned into the Information table. At the conclusion of the meet, Lost and Found items may be claimed upon identification by contacting the Simplot Games office at 208-235-5604.
Medical Facilities: The Simplot Games Medical Director, Dr. Jared Price, supervises a volunteer staff that provide medical services during the Simplot Games.  These volunteers include doctors, physician assistants and student physician assistants, athletic trainers and student athletic trainers, and student massage therapists.  Medical services will be available on the east end of the turf during the competition.  Any athlete needing attention will be able to report to this area. Treatments cannot be given without the coach’s approval and the coach should accompany athletes to the training area or room. Athletic trainers are not available for rub downs, but athletes and coaches are welcome to use the tables for that purpose. All emergency medical needs will be treated at Portneuf Medical Center.
Program: One program per team will be issued for the meet and will be included in the packet. Saturday’s day-sheet finals will be available for purchase for $1 in the Simplot Games Store. Programs will be available for purchase at the arena and the Simplot Games Store.
Souvenirs: Simplot Games apparel, T-shirts, bags, posters, pins, etc., will be available for purchase in the Simplot Games Store located in the blue and white tent on the northeast corner of the turf.
Spectators: Admission is free. Coaches, spectators, and all athletes who are not warming up or competing, are asked to remain in the stands throughout the meet. No one is allowed to stand against the railings. Everyone must be seated in the stands.
Hillcrest Thursday Schedule:
4:30 pm Boys 3200m Run Prelims
5:40 pm Girls 3200m Run Prelims
6:35 pm Boys 1600m Run Prelims
8:40 pm Girls 1600m Run Prelims

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

2020 HIllcrest Track & Field Meet Schedule

There may be some minor adjustments to the schedule with additional mid-week or underclassmen meets added.

Wednesday March 11  Cottonwood, Skyline @ Hillcrest
Saturday March 21 Early Bird Invitational @ Mt. View High School
Saturday March 28 UVU Invitational
Wednesday April 1 Hillcrest, Olympus @ East
Wednesday April 1 – Thursday April 2 Alpha Invitational @ Timpanogos
Saturday April 11 TBA T’ville?
Wednesday April 15 Highland, Hillcrest @ Murray
Friday April 17 – Saturday April 18 BYU Multis
Saturday April 18 Davis Invitational
Wednesday April 22 Region VI JV Championships @ Olympus
Friday April 24 Bees Invitational
Friday May 1 Herriman Twilight Invitational
Tuesday May 5 Region VI Pole Vault @ Hillcrest
Wednesday May 6 – Thursday May 7 Region VI Championships @ East
Thursday May 14 & Saturday May 16 UHSAA 5A Championships @ BYU