Sunday, October 14, 2018

Championship Season Week 3 State

Monday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 tempo run

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes
2:50 easy, easy run
6:00 pm dinner for state participants

Wednesday 6 am shakeout run and visualization
11:11  get out of class go to A lunch then dress for the meet
12:00 leave for Sugarhouse Park
2:00 girls race
3:30 boys race

Thursday active rest

Friday active rest

Saturday active rest

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Championship Season Week 2

Monday 6 am 30 minutes + weights
2:35 Region debrief an singlet turn in then long hill run

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 easy run, Wheeler Farm

Wednesday 6 am 30 minutes + weights
2:50 Del Taco variants

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 recovery run

Friday 6 am 30 minutes
2:50 speed work

Saturday 7 am Hillcrest for long run We will go to Union for the middle school meet after the run

Region Championships

We ran really well Friday winning 3 of 4 races.  Kearn's top three girls were just to tough for us.  Both our boys and girls teams qualified for state with our performances.  Results are at

We are going to continue to train through November for those running Footlocker and even Turkey Trots.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Region Championships Info

The region championships will be held at Hunter Park, the same place as the pre-region meet earlier in the year.


JV Girls 2:30
JV Boys 3:00
Varsity Girls 3:30
Varsity Boys 4:00

Awards will be done after the boys race.

We will be hurrying back after the meet for the Homecoming game and the concession stand assignment.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Championship Season Week 1 Region

Monday 6 am 30 minutes + weights
2:35 pm Park City debrief meeting then fartlek session at Stoner Park

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 pm Skywalk run, recovery pace

Wednesday 6 am 30 minutes + bodyweight
2:50 pm tempo run

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 team photos, easy run
4:00 team dinner

Friday 6 am 15 minutes + race visualization
12:15 get out of class, 12:45 bus is rolling to Hunter Park

Saturday 8 am Winchester Park (we'll run north)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Park City Invitational Info

The Park City Invitational is at the Quinn's Junction Sports Complex east of Park City.  There is limited parking, so the meet organizers are encouraging spectators to carpool where possible.

There is an open race preceding the high school races.  I believe they allow day of race registration for the open race.


7:45 meet at Hillcrest for the bus ride
9:30 Open Race (hopefully nobody has to call 911 for me)
10:10 JV Girls
10:50 JV Boys Schools A - L
11:20 JV Boys Schools M - Z
11:50 Varsity Girls
12:20 Varsity Boys

The top two varsity teams get trophies. Medals to top 10 finishers.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Snap Raise Fundraiser

The success of this fundraiser has blown me away. I was expecting we could raise in the neighborhood of $1500 - $2000 and we blew past that.  We currently have just over 73% participation which gets up another 7% of what we keep.  Thanks to all of you for your efforts. The goal, which I thought was unrealistic, was reset twice. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Racing Season Week 8 Park City Invitational

Monday 6 am 30 minutes + weights
7:15 am post race meeting room C230
2:40 meet for practice, travel to Flat Iron Mesa, make sure you have your travel forms in

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 pm recovery run

Wednesday 6 am 30 minutes + weights
2:50 pm hill run

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes + core
2:50 pm easy recovery/pre-race run

Friday 7:45 am meet at Hillcrest for bus to Park City Invitational at Quinn's Junction This meet starts with an open race at 9:30. 

Saturday 8:00 am meet at Dewey Bluth Park

Wahsatch Rendezvous

A huge thank you to all the parents who helped pull off a successful meet.  This meet is always interesting because of the format.  Some kids thrive in it, others struggle without their usual cast of characters.  The boys won the meet to cap off a fun day.

Results are up at both runnercard and