Sunday, June 28, 2020

Summer Training 2020 Week 5

Remember to do the symptoms check survey before you come to practice.  If you are sick, stay home. A reminder for those carpooling that masks in the car are a good idea. With new regulations, we all need masks before and after practice.

Hillcrest Parking access will be changing.  The only guaranteed access point is the 9th E entrance at the stop light.

Monday June 29th - Orson Smith Park for Corner Canyon trails ,   6:25
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Tuesday June 30th - Ghost Rider run strengthening and core exercises
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Wednesday July 1st - Little Cottonwood Canyon - 6:25 in the western part of the park and ride lot
 2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Thursday July 2nd - Tennis Courts run then strength and core
2nd run 30 minutes recovery.

Friday July 3rd -  Time trial - meet at Hillcrest
2nd run as needed for recovery

Saturday July 4th we will not meet as a team but run on your own or with a group.  This should be an easy run of 45 - 60 minutes,  30 - 45 for beginning runners. I would recommend running in the morning before it warms up.

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